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Title: Marks stag day 21/09/91
Creator: Mark Davey

Starting at 12 noon, this was my lunch time stag crawl. 4 pubs in quick succession start the session off well, then a good walk, a pub, another good walk and 6 to kill you off. A short bus journey and 2 more for the hell of it. I admit that not all were good pubs, but this was 1991 and real ale was in it's formative years. the evening session was in Nottingham but I'm afraid that things got a bit blurred then. what is great is that despite a few name changes, the 13 lunch time pubs are all still open and trading and long may they continue to stay that way. With 30 or so pubs in the Long eaton area, there is plenty of scope to go off map on this crawl.

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Harrington Arms (1)
Starting here, you will need a lift out or the Trent Barton Indigo bus service stops right outside. In 1991, this was a Kimberley pub, but now GK pub with guest ales and a nice seating area out the back.
White Lion (2)
In 1991, this pub did not open until 12:30 and served rubbish fizzy beer. Wow, what a difference 20 years makes.
Railway Inn (3)
Was and always will be Marstons.
The Nags Head (4)
I seem to remember this place selling Stones Bitter, but it was a long time ago.
The Royal Oak (5)
The only pub available to break up the long walk into Long Eaton.
The Barge Inn (6)
Can't remember much about this pub.
Tiger Inn (7)
Typical Marstons boozer.
Stumble Inn (8)
This pub used to be the home of Long Eatons bikers following the demolition of the Turks Head. Things seem to have improved recently.
New Inn (9)
Another GK establishment.
Corner Pin (10)
Fizzy beer I'm afraid. Always was.
The Hole in the Wall (11)
Things will be getting messy by now.
The Cadland Inn (12)
Your going to have to jump on an Indigo bus at the green to get to this pub.
Charlton Arms (13)
Right accross the road from the Cadland. Used to be a Shipstones pub in 1991.