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Title: Brampton Mile
Creator: Will Larter

The Brampton Mile consists of a variable number of pubs strung out along the A619 (Chatsworth Road) and neighbouring streets in the former village and now suburb of Chesterfield. By eliminating those pubs which are known not to serve real ale, this can be reduced to a manageable pub crawl of just short of a dozen stops.

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The Royal Oak (1)
Nearest of the Brampton pubs to the town centre, and not to be confused with the ancient pub of the same name in the Shambles.
Rose & Crown (2)
The first of the Brampton Brewery pubs.
The Britannia Inn (3)
By way of a complete contrast, though only a short step from the Rose & Crown, on the opposite corner of the traffic lights.
The Peacock Inn (4)
One of the "destination pubs" in this part of Brampton, and therefore worth seeking out even if not doing the Mile.
The Star Inn (5)
Just a few doors along from the Peacock, the Star opens at 3pm in the week.
The Victoria Inn (6)
On a side street midway between the Britannia and the Peacock, but does not open until 3pm in the week.
Real Ale Corner (7)
Not actually a pub, but there are two hand pumps and some stools to sit upon in the shop, or a couple of benches in the yard to the rear. A fantastic selection of bottled beers for such a small shop, it would be rude not to purchase something to take home
The Brampton Ale House (8)
A Thwaites house that may not have any real ale in the early part of the week.
The Anchor Inn (9)
Under new management, real ale may or may not be available.
Tramway Tavern (10)
Opens at 4pm in the week, the second of the Brampton Brewery pubs. If you've only time for one or two rather than the whole Mile, make this one of them.
The Grouse (11)
Another late opener, so left until last.