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Title: "Child Friendly" pubs in central Nottingham
Creator: Will Larter

This is a crawl around Nottingham that was devised by a friend who had a baby last year and "don't see why I have to suffer Wacky Warehouse style pubs for the next 15 years!!" The route starts and finishes at Nottingham railway station.

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Canalhouse (1)
Active toddlers need to have a close eye kept on them, as there is literally a canal inside the pub.
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem (2)
Steep stairs and lots of nooks and crannies for your small charge to get lost in.
Watson Fothergills (3)
Opposite the castle, this is a restaurant but with four real ales on, it's worth a visit.
The Malt Cross (4)
Fascinating conversion from a former music hall.
BrewDog (5)
Not sure what the youngest member of the party will make of this beer palace in a former factory building.
The Keans Head (6)
Single room can get very busy and crowded.
The Cock and Hoop (7)
Final pub of the day, possibly one to omit if it's getting near someone's bedtime.