Cask Ales finished today

There have been 32 casks of guest ale finished in Wetherspoons so far according to the Order & Pay app. The list only contains guests and not regular ales such as Doom Bar & Ruddles.

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# Pub Beer When
1The BearWadworth 6X 07:21
2Globe HotelEagle Bombardier 08:21
3Globe HotelWolf In Sheep's Clothing 08:21
4Globe HotelFire Island Buffalo 08:21
5The Moon Under WaterHop Shed Frizzle 08:39
6The Moon Under WaterBespoke Over A Barrel 08:39
7The Moon Under WaterBespoke Golden Rule 08:39
8GoldengroveExmoor Beast 10:10
9GoldengroveLoddon Hocus Pocus 10:10
10GoldengrovePurple Moose Madogs Ale 10:10
11GoldengroveCotleigh Old Buzzard 10:10
12The Back of BeyondMaxim Double 12:49
13The Back of BeyondFlack Manor Black Jack Porter 12:49
14The Back of BeyondLoddon Hocus Pocus 12:49
15The Back of BeyondHanlons Yellow Hammer 12:49
16The Six BellsRingwood Fortyniner 13:53
17The Six BellsGoddards Starboard 13:53
18The Royal EnfieldLymestone Ein Stein 14:19
19The Royal EnfieldSlater's Neon Kiss 14:19
20The Red Lion & PineappleBowman Wallops Wood 14:36
21The Red Lion & PineappleOakham Inferno 14:36
22The Red Lion & PineappleMorland Old Speckled Hen 14:36
23The Red Lion & PineappleOakham JHB 14:36
24The Red Lion & PineappleTitanic Black Ice 14:36
25The Turls GreenKirkstall Three Swords 14:57
26The Turls GreenAcorn Gorlovka Stout 14:57
27The Turls GreenKirkstall Black Band Porter 14:57
28The Turls GreenLittle Critters C Monster 14:57
29The Turls GreenIlkley Lotus 14:57
30The Glass HouseWychwood Hobgoblin 15:07
31The Glass HouseShepherd Neame Bishops Finger 15:07
32The Glass HouseAcorn Chocco Porter 15:07