Cask Ales finished today

There have been 151 casks of guest ale finished in Wetherspoons so far according to the Order & Pay app. The list only contains guests and not regular ales such as Doom Bar & Ruddles.

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# Pub Beer When
1The Golden HopeButcombe Gold 00:39
2The Henry BellStrathaven Avondale 06:41
3The Sugar LoafWhite Horse Village Idiot 06:47
4The Five SwansPurity Pure Gold 07:15
5The Five SwansDaleside Old Legover 07:15
6The Five SwansBig Lamp Bitter 07:15
7The Five SwansWoodfordes Admiral's Reserve 07:15
8The Five SwansKansas Avenue Dodge City Delta 07:15
9The Bradley GreenDaleside Old Legover 07:20
10The Union RoomsAcorn Barnsley Bitter 07:30
11The Albany PalaceHook Norton Old Hooky 07:36
12The Turls GreenMoorhouses Blonde Witch 07:45
13The Turls GreenMoorhouses Pendle Witches Brew 07:45
14The Wagon & HorsesLittle Critters Raspberry Blonde 07:48
15The Green DragonPhoenix Double Gold 07:50
16The Three John ScottsMilestone Rich Ruby 07:53
17The Green GingerMad Squirrel Big Sea 07:54
18The WatchmanBrains SA 07:59
19The Wagon WorksGoddards Fuggle Dee Dum 07:59
20The Sir John ArderneKansas Avenue Dodge City Delta 08:07
21The Babington ArmsDerventio Cleopatra 08:11
22The Babington ArmsHeritage Masterpiece 08:11
23The Highland LaddieBlack Sheep Special Ale 08:15
24The Ounce & Ivy BushButcombe Gold 08:18
25The Towan BlystraKeltek King 08:20
26The College ArmsKissingate Ruby Plum Porter 08:21
27The WheatsheafNethergate Mary's Ruby Mild 08:25
28The Widow FrostBradfield Blonde 08:25
29The Ironstone MinerTring Moongazing 08:26
30The Drabbet SmockRingwood Fortyniner 08:30
31The Eric BartholomewMoorhouses Witch Finder General 08:30
32The Tim BobbinMoorhouses Pride Of Pendle 08:32
33The Three TunsRudgate Ruby Mild 08:32
34The Full MoonElgood's Plum Porter (Vegan) 08:33
35The Edwin WaughMoorhouses Witches Cauldron 08:33
36The Edwin WaughPhoenix Spotland Gold 08:33
37The CliftonVale Gravitas 08:34
38Royal Victoria PavilionNethergate Mary's Ruby Mild 08:36
39The Percy ShawGoose Eye Pommies Revenge 08:36
40The Percy ShawMarston's Old Empire 08:36
41The Dragon InnGreat Western Bristol Belle IPA 08:38
42The Railway BellWychwood Hobgoblin Gold 08:43
43The Tichenham InnSambrook's Junction Ale 08:45
44The Black HorseRingwood Fortyniner 08:47
45The Five QuarterMorland Old Speckled Hen 08:52
46The BritanniaWychwood Hobgoblin 08:56
47The Eight BellsStonehenge Pigswill 09:01
48The PlayhouseGreat Western Old Higby 09:05
49The PlayhouseStonehenge Pigswill 09:05
50The PlayhouseConwy Rampart 09:05
51The PlayhouseArkell's Kingsdown 09:05
52The Oyster RoomsSambrook's Junction Ale 09:07
53The Crown RiversFullers London Pride 09:09
54The Cherry TreeMoorhouses Blonde Witch 09:09
55Y Dic PenderynBrains Rev James Original 09:11
56The Postal OrderWorsthorne Red Man 09:12
57The Boot InnOakham JHB 09:13
58The Hope & ChampionRebellion Smuggler 09:15
59The Crossed PeelsRedcastle Monster Hop 09:15
60Grover & AllenMarston's Old Empire 09:15
61The J. P. JouleMarston's Old Empire 09:19
62The Five QuarterEagle Bombardier 09:20
63The Blue BoarWychwood Hobgoblin Gold 09:28
64The Rawson SpringRingwood Old Thumper 09:38
65The Rawson SpringBradfield Stout 09:38
66The Lord RoseberyExmoor Gold 10:07
67The Dominie CrossPheasantry Dancing Dragonfly 10:29
68The Six BellsFlack Manor Double Drop 10:44
69The Mail RoomsPurity Mad Goose 10:44
70The Thomas WaghornPheasantry Dancing Dragonfly 10:50
71The Crown InnWychwood Hobgoblin Gold 11:10
72The Alexander Graham BellStewart Stewart's 80/- 11:18
73The ClairvilleTring Moongazing 11:23
74The Giant BellflowerBradfield Farmers Ale 11:24
75The Dockle FarmhouseArundel Black Stallion 11:29
76The Village InnTwickenham Naked Ladies 11:32
77The Maidenhead InnMarston's Old Empire 11:34
78Lloyds No.1 BarMilestone Fletchers Ale 11:34
79The Battesford CourtBishop Nick Divine 11:41
80J.J. Moon'sKansas Avenue Dodge City Delta 11:51
81Sandford HouseWychwood Hobgoblin IPA 11:56
82The Robert NairnStewart Radical Road Reverse 12:02
83The Felix HoltOtter Ale 12:05
84The Manor HouseWoodfordes Admiral's Reserve 12:11
85The Wheatsheaf InnGreat Western Old Higby 12:12
86The Edwin WaughPhoenix Arizona 12:30
87The Dolphin & AnchorWolf Woild Moild 12:33
88John The Clerk of CramlingtonWychwood Hobgoblin 12:38
89The Bull's Head HotelMorland Old Speckled Hen 12:46
90The BritanniaPurity Pure UBU 12:47
91The White HartRudgate Jorvik Blonde 12:51
92The Golden LionConwy Rampart 12:52
93The Barum Top InnStonehenge Pigswill 12:54
94The Herbert WellsTwickenham Naked Ladies 12:54
95The GeorgeShepherd Neame Spitfire 12:57
96The GeorgeOakham Citra 12:57
97The GeorgeMarston's Old Empire 12:57
98The GeorgeSouthwark Harvard APA 12:57
99The GeorgeThornbridge Jaipur 12:57
100The GeorgeBedlam Porter 12:57
101The Catherine WheelTwickenham Naked Ladies 12:57
102The Full HouseMarston's Old Empire 13:00
103The Mile CastleJ.W. Lees Gold 13:12
104The LimesMorland Old Speckled Hen 13:13
105The Blue Bell InnVale Gravitas 13:13
106The Commercial RoomsExmoor Fox 13:15
107The RegalWolf Ale 13:22
108The RegalWolf Edith Cavell 13:22
109The Bell HotelWoodfordes Bure Gold 13:27
110The Wallace HartleyPhoenix Double Gold 13:29
111The Postal OrderWychwood Hobgoblin 13:30
112Waterend Barn3 Brewers IPA 13:32
113The Francis NewtonMarston's Old Empire 13:36
114The Commercial HotelMoorhouses Pendle Witches Brew 13:37
115The Cross InnEnville Ale 13:43
116The AngelWindsor & Eton Knight Of The Garter 13:43
117The White Ball InnOtter Head 13:49
118The Red Lion & PineappleMorland Old Speckled Hen 13:51
119The Sir John MooreOakham Green Devil IPA 13:53
120The AngelArundel Black Stallion 14:00
121The GatewayBrightside Topaz IPA 14:01
122The Rose SalterneExmoor Beast 14:02
123The Livery RoomsGreat Western Old Higby 14:03
124The Jubilee OakMarston's Old Empire 14:07
125Woodrow WilsonCumberland Ale 14:08
126The Bull and Stirrup HotelBeartown Bearskinful 14:08
127The John Logie BairdOld Dairy Blue Top 14:15
128The John Logie BairdOld Dairy Blue Top 14:15
129The BritanniaWood Shropshire Lass 14:19
130The Bobbing JohnStewart Edinburgh Gold 14:19
131The Reginald MitchellMarston's Old Empire 14:22
132Yr Hen DderwenRhymney Export Ale 14:22
133The Lord High Constable of EnglandTring Moongazing 14:23
134The Jolly TarsRingwood Old Thumper 14:23
135Lloyds No.1 BarFalstaff Smiling Assassin 14:24
136The Sir William de WessyngtonMaxim Maximus 14:25
137The Leading LightOtter Ale 14:28
138The Green Parrot Daleside Old Legover 14:33
139The Cherry TreeGoose Eye Pommies Revenge 14:35
140The Cherry TreeMoorhouses Pride Of Pendle 14:35
141The GeorgeExmoor Gold 14:36
142The GeorgeRingwood Fortyniner 14:36
143The Chequers InnEnville Ale 14:41
144The WheatsheafAcorn Gorlovka Stout 14:42
145St. Matthew's HallArundel Black Stallion 14:43
146St Georges HallExmoor Gold 14:45
147The Sir Richard OwenMoorhouses Blonde Witch 14:45
148The Brass BalanceTitanic Cherry Dark 14:49
149The Picture PalaceWychwood Hobgoblin 14:50
150The London & CountyGreat Western Old Higby 14:50
151The London & CountyLong Man American Pale Ale 14:50