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Title: A Perambulation of Louche Literary London
Creator: BobOs .

Pubs with literary associations - although if you read into it a bit more, it's a collection of boozers where the likes of inveterate inebriates such as George Orwell and Dylan Thomas regularly got rat-arsed! Chiefly in Fitzrovia with an optional extension into Mayfair. Keep up with George and Dylan - try two pints in each! Cheers.

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Fitzroy Tavern (1)
Frequented by Dylan Thomas, George Orwell, Virgina Woolf and George Bernard Shaw to name but a few.
Marquis of Granby (2)
Dylan Thomas spent many a boozy hour here writing "Death of the King’s Canary". Other notable barflys here were TS Eliot and, of course, George Orwell.
The Wheatsheaf (3)
Yet another pub frequented by Dylan Thomas and George Orwell, but not necessarily at the same time. Orwell, apparently, threw up all over the bar - nice one, George!
Pillars Of Hercules (4)
There are various literary connections with this pub, ranging from the old, with Casanova, Thomas De Quincey and Charles Dickens, to the modern with Ian McEwan and Julian Barnes.
The French House (5)
Once an official headquarters for the French resistance. Regulars included Brendan Behan and (surprise, surprise) Dylan Thomas. They obviously sold pints in those days - shame they don't now. Also where William Burroughs seduced Francis Bacon.
The Only Running Footman (6)
An optional extra to this saunter - once the haunt of servants and is said to have inspired PG Wodehouse to create the fictional Junior Ganymede, the club for "the gentlemen's gentleman" where Jeeves took his ease.