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Title: Victorian Splendour
Creator: BobOs .

A tour of some of London's best preserved Victorian pub interiors containing a wealth of sparkling cut, etched, gilded and polished glass screens and mirrors, snob screens and sumptuous wood carvings.

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Viaduct Tavern (1)
An amazing amount of excellent decoration. The etched, gilded and cut glass panels at the rear are truly spectacular.
The Lamb (2)
This beautifully preserved, Grade II listed Victorian pub still has the etched glass snob screens in place above the bar.
Princess Louise (3)
Famous for its remarkable interior with a most sumptuous display of tiling and mirrors which give a sense of fantasy and gaiety.
The Salisbury (4)
The exterior with its etched and polished glass and carved woodwork to the window frames gives some idea of what to expect inside - an abundance of etched and polished glass which creates a glittering atmosphere.
Argyll Arms (5)
It has one of the most important late Victorian interiors in London with a long, straight servery and a series of screened-off drinking areas.
The Red Lion (6)
On the outside delicate wood carving and elaborately stained and etched glass. But the interior takes your breath away - everywhere is cut and etched glass mirrors and panels.