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Title: York city centre
Creator: Will Larter

A wander around some of the great real ale pubs in and around the walled city of York. If there is not enough time for all the pubs, a short cut can be taken from the Swan to the Blue Bell.

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The Ackhorne Inn (1)
About ten minutes' walk from the railway station. Down a tiny lane next to St Martin's church just off Micklegate.
Golden Ball (2)
A short walk from the Ackhorne.
The Swan Inn (3)
Just around the corner from the Golden Ball.
The Rook & Gaskill (4)
About 15 minutes' walk from the Swan Inn. Cross the river and bear right, following the city wall.
The Waggon & Horses (5)
Just across the road from the Rook and Gaskill.
The Blue Bell (6)
A 10 minute walk into the city from the Waggon and Horses.
The Yorkshire Terrier (7)
A brief stroll through the touristy part of York, a stone's throw from the Minster (church, not pub).
The Three-Legged Mare (8)
ANother York Brewery pub not far from the Terrier.
Minster Inn (9)
Five minutes from the Mare, just outside the city walls.