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Title: Reading ramble
Creator: Quinno _

If you do Reading - do these

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Blagrave Arms (1)
4 interesting ales, good condition. A pub on the up.
The Hobgoblin (2)
Rock-centric ale house eight ales on with cider and perry and mead!
The Retreat (3)
Ecelectic community pub six ales and lots of cider!
Hop Leaf (4)
Wildcard - Bar Billiards and darts. Hop Back beers - core range good but others less well-kept.
Zerodegrees (5)
Continental-style brewpub. Marmite - give it a go!
The Allied Arms (6)
Wildcard - up to six ales but wildly expensive and quality less consistent than previous
Sweeney and Todd (7)
Pint and pie shop - get dinner and an ale here!
The Nags Head (8)
Must-visit ale mecca
The Three Guineas (9)
Plenty of choice (8+) though quality can be inconsistent. Still, it's by the station so a good place to finish off.