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Title: Sheffield - Valley of Beer #1
Creator: Old Boots

A few pubs in the famous Valley of Beer

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The Sheffield Tap (1)
Not in the valley but a convenient place to start (and finish) when using the train. Located on platform 1b (right hand end) (8 pumps)
The Hillsborough Hotel (2)
At the northern end of the valley and very easy to reach by tram from the station. (8 pumps)
The Wellington (3)
Home of the Little Ale Cart Brewery, 10 pumps
The Ship Inn (4)
Noteable tiled exterior (3 pumps)
The Kelham Island Tavern (5)
Award winning pub, always a mild and stout/porter available (13 pumps)
The Fat Cat (6)
Home of the Kelham Island Brewery (12 pumps)
Riverside Inn (7)
Trendy bar next to river and with riverside patio (7 pumps)
The Harlequin Inn (8)
Exhuberant pub (14 pumps)