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Title: The Splendour of Bradford
Creator: Tex Icecubes

Bradford has some excellent pubs. One of the best pubs, "the fighting cock", is not included in this crawl - only because its a little bit out of the centre - but it deserves a mention as does the "Titus Salt".
All the other pubs on crawl are real ale pubs.
There are many other real ale pubs which could have been included.
Visit Bradford and see for yourself.

One last thing.
The route map goes a bit sqew-wiff between the New Beehive and the Castle Hotel.
Just walk straight down Westgate

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Haigys (1)
Gets full of City fans on match days. Usually has good local ales.
New Beehive Inn (2)
Gas lit - takes you back in time
Castle Hotel (3)
Has about 4 real ales. Usually has Fullers ESB.
The Shoulder Of Mutton (4)
Sam Smiths pub - miss it out if you dont like Sam Smiths. I think its in this years good beer guide.
City Vaults (5)
Very much under rated. Seems to get better.
The Corn Dolly (6)
Best pub in Bradford - One of my all time best.
Cock & Bottle (7)
I've never actually been in this pub. I've always wanted to. Its included because its near to the Corn Dolly and gets very good reviews. Maybe I'll go in one day.