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Title: Warrington - Town centre - real ale
Creator: Dave Taylor

Real ale pubs within 10 minutes of each other and the bus Station.
Recommendation: Get of at the Central Station or bus station take the 5 minute or so walk to the Albion. I recommend starting there for a bite to eat. The pies are legendary. Then up to the Ring 'o' Bells, then the tavern, porters and lower angel then back to the bus/train station.

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The Tavern (1)
Many years of good Ale.
Porter's Alehouse (2)
Real ale (for now) £1.80 a pint. Don't wear a track suite. The bikers are not to be feared. A friendly bunch.
Albion Hotel (3)
Good home cooked cheap food - a real beer drinkers local, soon to have a brewery
Lower Angel (4)
Even more years of consistent good ale
Ring Of Bells (5)
An old pub by the church.