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Title: Northampton real ale crawl
Creator: michael furn

This is a 3-4 walk crawl, and also crosses the Racecourse to get to Romany.
Start at Malt shovel, go to King Billy proceed up Bridge street through Abington street, to Abington Square to Racehorse, then turn right and right again into lower mounts, to junction with St Michaels road to Lamplighetr opens 5pm weekdays, after Lamplighter take right turn into road by TA Centre bare right Victoria Inn pooley street opens at 4pm, come out and proceed across racecourse at 45 degrees, to top right onto to Trinity Avenue, and Romany is on the right, come out of Romany direction Kingsthorpe, arrive at T junction cross road at lights, head towrds rear of Waitrose, and see Baptist Church, take lane brings into High Street, see Danes Lane go up here into Manor Road turn left and Queen Adelaide on right.

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Queen Adelaide (1)
The Romany (2)
The Victoria Inn (3)
The Lamplighter (4)
The Racehorse Inn (5)
The King Billy (6)
The Malt Shovel (7)