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Title: Derbyshire Wayfarer
Creator: Will Larter

The Derbyshire Wayfarer is a fantastic train and bus ranger ticket that gives the bearer unlimited travel for a day in not only the whole of Derbyshire, but also parts of the Peak District that lie in Staffordshire, and journeys into or out of the county from or to Burton on Trent, Sheffield, Macclesfield, Leek and Uttoxeter. It costs just £11.60, with an even cheaper version for the over 60s and a really good value family ticket too (less useful for a pub crawl, I know). Full details here:

I used such a ticket one Saturday from Sheffield, starting off at the recently reprieved Anglers Arms in the Hope Valley, and visiting an award-winning village pub near Chesterfield, two first rate town pubs in Derby and two more in Burton. The possibilities, though, are endless...

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The Anglers Rest (1)
In the heart of the village, where rare buses stop just across the road (273/274/275). A more frequent train service from Manchester or Sheffield is a 10 minute walk away, as is the more regular 272 bus.
Arkwright Arms (2)
The train back to Sheffield and the wait for one to Chesterfield makes this the longest part of the day without a beer. The pub is a 15 minute bus journey (82/83) from Chesterfield town centre.
Falstaff Tavern (3)
There are several trains an hour from Chesterfield. The pub is a brief bus journey (36/37) from the central bus station in Derby, which is connected to the railway station by several buses an hour.
Coopers Tavern (4)
There are several trains an hour from Derby. The pub is a brisk three or four minute walk from the railway station (please note the wayfarer ticket is not valid for bus journeys within Burton).
The Alfred (5)
About half a mile from Coopers Tavern, so allow seven or eight minutes to get back to the station for the very quick and frequent service to Derby.
The Peacock Inn (6)
Very hard to find if walking from the station after a few pints, because of Derby's furiously busy roads making a direct route impossible. A bus to the the centre and one of several buses along Mansfield Road would have got me here a lot quicker.