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Title: Nottingham Alternative Crawl
Creator: Mark Davey

So, you have been to all the "best" pubs in Nottingham, now what? Well, what about the second best pubs? Not strictly a true statement as some of these are the best but a good circular crawl round the city non the less, starting and finishing at the station, all on foot, no need for that plus bus or Kangaroo ticket. A couple of jokers are thrown in to make a round dozen but if you are struggling, skip those noted.

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Fellows Morton & Clayton (1)
Out of the station, turn right, 100 yards, turn left, 25 yards and into Fellows. usually several worthwhile brews on offer.
Canalhouse (2)
what can be simpler, cross the cobbled yard and fall into the canal house to sample some fine Castle Rock brews and a few guests.
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem (3)
A real tourist trap, but worth a visit. easy walk from the Canalhouse just mind the traffic.
Ye Olde Salutation Inn (4)
Another great old pub, usually serving a good selection of beer.
Watson Fothergills (5)
Cross maid Marrion Way and stumble in here for a quick one and then off up the hill. Skip it if you are short on time.
The Round House (6)
Interesting boozer, used to be the operating rooms for the General hospital.
Sir John Borlase Warren (7)
Top of the hill, one of the highest points in the city.
Hand & Heart (8)
Another pub in a cave. Great beer, great food.
The Dragon (9)
Back into town, you will need a quick fix and the Dragon is perfect.
The Malt Cross (10)
Strange place, often with decent beer. Skip it if you are short on time.
The Keans Head (11)
Excellent Castle rock pub, great food.
Newshouse (12)
Finish off here after you go back to the station. Good castle Rock pub with guests and food.