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Title: Nottingham's Brewing Highlights
Creator: Mark Davey

This is a bit of a mission crawl, taking in what I consider to be the highlights of Nottinghams brewing. You can't hang about on this one, lots of travelling and some walking make it a bit of a challenge. Well worth investing in a Kangaroo day ticket for Nottingham City Transport as a few bus & tram trips are included in this tour. A fantastic opportunity to take in 5 brewery taps in one tour. If you are really brave, add in the Kean's Head, Newshouse, Canal House, Fellows Morton & Clayton or the Trip to Jerusalem. All of these pubs are a spit from the main trail and well worth a visit.

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The Victoria Hotel (1)
Beeston is my home town and any crawl of Nottingham has to start here. The Vic is close to the railway station and is close to Beeston centre for busses and the soon to come tram. Get yourself here early when the Vic opens.
Crown Inn (2)
From the Vic, walk to the Crown, the second gem in Beeston. Usually about a dozen brews on offer.
Organ Grinder (3)
Step outside the Crown and catch a 36 or Y36 bus into Nottingham. Get off at Canning Circus and walk down Alfreton Road to the Organ Grinder. This is the Blue Monkey Brewery Tap.
The Plough Inn (4)
From the organ Grinder you can either walk to the plough or pop back up to Canning Circus and catch the 28, 30 or 31 pink NCT bus down Ilkeston Road and get off at Faraday road and walk to the Plough, which is the Nottingham Brewery Tap.
The Fox and Crown (5)
Bit of a trip to this one. Get the pink bus back int town and get off on Talbot Street. Catch a tram from outside the theatre and head north to Davids Lane and walk to The Fox and Crown which is the Alcazar Brewery Tap.
Horse & Jockey (6)
An optional Castle Rock pub on the way back to the tram.
The Lincolnshire Poacher (7)
Back on the tram, head into the city and get off at the High School. Walk to the Poacher, often voted Nottinghams best pub.
Bell Inn (8)
No trip round Nottingham is complete without a visit to the Bell Inn, the oldest Inn in Nottingham. It's a bit of a walk from the Poacher but you will need it by now.
Trent Navigation (9)
Walk from the Bell to the bus stops on Maid Marrion Way and catch a 1, 2, 3 or 4 Navy blue bus South and get off at the Globe pub which is currently closed. Get off, cross London Road and head for the Trent Navigation, the tap for the Navigation Brewery.
The Vat & Fiddle (10)
Either back on the blue bus or walk to the Vat & Fiddle. Definatly one of the highlights of a trip to Nottingham as it is the Castle Rock tap. From the Vat it is an easy walk back to the train station.