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Title: The Back street ale houses of East Cambridge
Creator: Steve of N21

Cambridge is a strange city in that for somewhere so historic the City Centre pubs are such a let down , both in character (with the possible exception of The Eagle) and beer choice (Cambridge City is dominated by the Evil Bury St Edmunds empire).
But all is not lost, as the area close to the train station has a collection of some top real ale pubs, primarily the original three known locally as The Holy Trinity. But due to these a lot of the others have raised their games and deserve to be included in any visit to Cambridge.
Marks earlier crawl covers most of these, but I have added a couple of others worth walking a bit further for.
You won’t see any colleges on this stroll, but you will be guaranteed some excellent ales.

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The Salisbury Arms (1)
CW pub but with a good range of guests.
Live & Let Live (2)
Fantastic traditional pub. 8 beers usually on
The Elm Tree (3)
10 Ale pumps and a great Belgium beer collection
Free Press (4)
Blimus.. A GK house with a great guest ale policy.
The Cambridge Blue (5)
Cambridge County Pub of the year 2011
Kingston Arms (6)
13 Ale and Cider pumps. Lot of local regionals
Devonshire Arms (7)
Milton Brewery owned pub. Cambride and District POY 2012